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2007 Strategic Marketing Conference
Page 23
focused on apple fruit, but has included many other fruits as well as vegetables. He was born and
raised in New Zealand where he completed his BS and MS degrees before carrying out his PhD at
Rutgers from 1981-1985.
The topics covered by Watkins included a discussion of new
technologies available in post-harvest handling, post-harvest principles
that should inform producer decision making, and the connection of
post-harvest handling to aspects of food safety. A copy of his
presentation is available on the Agricultural Marketing and Management
PWT website ( More information
about Dr. Watkins’ research and extension efforts can be found at
Dairy Products: Innovative Marketing & Producer Investment in Value-Added
Three presenters from the Northeast were on hand to discuss their
management and marketing practices in selling value-added dairy
products. Samuel Simon, dairy farmer and President of Hudson
Valley Fresh (HVF), discussed the formation and growth of the HVF
brand of high-quality milk. Dr. Simon was born and raised on a dairy
farm in Middletown, NY. Sam graduated from the University of
Rochester in 1968, from the St. Louis University Medical School in
1972, and from the University of Pittsburgh in Orthopedics in 1977.
He moved to Poughkeepsie and started solo practice that same year.
Sam continued to farm the home farm in Middletown until 1995. In
1995, Sam purchased Plankenhorn Dairy Farm in Pleasant Valley. He
retired from Orthopedics in 1998 and started a milking dairy in 1999.
In 2004, Hudson Valley Fresh was founded.
Dr. Simon’s presentation focused on the value added nature of the HVF milk product with respect to
high milk quality standards, consumer desirability of rBST, and growth in demand for local products.
As Simon explained, “HVF was created to obtain more money for local farmers willing to meet
quality standards.” HVF’s track record is impressive – in their first week of operation, their product
was sold in 6 family owned stores and delis; by week 72 that number had increased to 70 stores,
including Stop & Shop, Hannaford, Freshtown, and Price Chopper. HVF’s focus on local demand
has promoted that growth. They are currently working on expansion into New York City, including
Eli’s, the Vinegar Factory, Gracie’s, and Coffee House. His presentation is available on the
Agricultural Marketing and Management PWT website (
To learn more about Hudson Valley Fresh go to
T.M. Schmit and R.J. Weybright
Agricultural Marketing and Management PWT