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Page 24
2007 Strategic Marketing Conference
Margo Morris, Director of Sprout Creek Farms in Poughkeepsie, NY,
followed Dr. Morris and described her farms development and
marketing of artisanal cheeses. Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 acre
working farm in Dutchess County, NY that provides an integrated
context for educational and spiritual development programs for young
people and adults. Sprout Creek Farm makes artisanal cheeses in the
age-old tradition of European farmstead cheese. Milk for the cheese
comes from their herd of grass-fed Jersey, Guernsey, Milking
Shorthorn, and Brown Swiss cows. Margo discussed the development
of Sprout Creek Farms and strategies for moving forward.
Sprout Creek Farms operates a retail market at the farm where visitors
can purchase cheeses, seasonal vegetables, tee shirts, and select Hudson Valley products. Online
ordering is also available for a wide variety of artisanal cheeses. More information about Sprout
Creek Farms can be found at
Courtney Hodge, Marketing Manager for Echo Farm Puddings in
Hinsdale, NH closed out the dairy session by discussing the development
and growth of their firm in the value-added dairy market. What
originally started as 4-H projects in raising heifer replacements has
progressed in 10 years to a 160-cow dairy operation milking Jerseys and
Milking Shorthorns. Echo Farm seeks to foster a public appreciation for
the New England dairy farmer through the distribution of the farm's all
natural dairy products and its educational tourism facilities.
Echo farm is rewarded in their production standards by producing award
winning, great tasting, high quality milk, to which they add all natural
ingredients to produce their premium line of puddings. The wide variety
of Echo Farms pudding is produced right on the farm using top quality and premium all natural
ingredients. Their puddings are sold throughout New England in a variety of retail stores. Direct
store and distributor delivery procedures are included. Also available is online ordering and home
delivery services. More information about Echo Farm Puddings is available at
Livestock and Meats: On-Farm Slaughter Operation Development & Product Marketing
The final concurrent commodity session focused on the meat product
sector, discussing developments in on-farm slaughter operations,
processing facilities, and product marketing. Ed Jackson, Ag.
Development Associate with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, opened
by discussing recent developments in on-farm slaughter operations and a
coordinated project with a local processor and agency staff to improve the
availability of local processing facilities for producers. Jackson has been
employed by the Agency for over 20 years, previously serving as a State
Meat inspector and an Animal Health Specialist. Jackson’s duties involve
all aspects of livestock production and marketing, in addition to his work
with the State meat and poultry processing plants.
Agricultural Marketing and Management PWT
T.M. Schmit and R.J. Weybright