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Introduction to Advertising
Topic 2
Is element of the marketing mix that provide
information and communicates persuasively
to the target audience about a brand to
attract the target audience to consume the
Marketing  Promotional Mix
Public Relations
“Public relations is about reputation – the result of
what you do, what you say and what others say about
~ The Chartered Institute of Marketing ~
Public relations practice is the discipline which looks
after reputation with the aim of earning understanding,
and support, and influencing opinion and behavior.
"Advertising is the non personal communication of
information usually paid for and usually persuasive in
nature about products, services or ideas by identified
sponsors through the various media.”
~ Bovee, 1992 ~
Sales Promotions
"Sales promotion comprises that range of techniques
used to attain sales and marketing objectives in a
cost-effective manner by adding value to a product or
service either to intermediaries or end-users,
normally but not exclusively within a defined time
~ The Institute of Sales Promotion ~
Sales Promotions
 Marketing activities intended to stimulate quick
buyer action by offering extra benefits to customer
 Commonly used to obtain an increase in sales short
term. Could involve using money off coupons or
special offers, contest, trade show, in-store displays,
rebates, samples, and discounts
Direct (Response) Marketing
Direct-response marketing is selling goods or services
without shops and usually without personal
salespeople, direct to customers in response to orders
generated by direct mail shots, leaflets, catalogues,
telephone calls and printed or broadcast
Direct Mail is the sending of publicity material to a
named person within an organization
Personal Selling
“Selling a product service one to one”
“Personal communication of information to persuade
somebody to buy something”
Personal Selling
 Salespersons are assigned and trained to promote
product and services directly to customers.
 Salespersons can range from someone who merely
takes sale orders to people who provide expertise
in finding solution to customers’ problems.
Promotional Mix
Other Promotional
 Packaging is all
activities of designing
and producing the
container or wrapper
for a product
 Not only for wrapping
products, but for
attract attention when
displayed in retail
In addition to the above, the
pack has become the final
means of communicating
brand benefits. The pack
can also be used to inform
promotion activities
The elements in the pack
design such as shape, size,
color, brand name and type
face reflects brand identity
and brand image as
established by advertising
Event & Sponsorship
“Sponsorship is the giving of monetary or other support
to a beneficiary in order to make that beneficiary
viable, sometimes for altruistic reasons”
Sponsorship may not have a direct effect on sales but it
creates a climate of goodwill where the corporate or
brand image is associated with benefiting sports,
cultural and other worthwhile activities, players and