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Job and Person Specification- Banking and Finance
Lawyer (NQ – 4 years PQE)
Role specific information:
As part of a supportive, well established and high-performing team, to advise mainly borrowers,
and occasionally lenders, on their debt financing arrangements including accessing the debt
capital markets, secured funding, refinancing, banking contracts and acquisition finance.
Role specific duties:
Support the team in advising on and delivering a full range of banking and finance work
to clients spanning the private, public and third sectors, including public bonds, private
placements, bilateral and syndicated facilities and other financial arrangements
Leading on the drafting and negotiation of loan facility agreements and associated legal
documents including security documentation
Delivering advice to clients, their Executive Teams and Boards on the implications and
specifics of funding arrangements, and presenting or discussing these face-to-face if
Supporting the team and the firm in raising its profile in its specialist market places
Role specific competencies:
Very strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to collaborate with
others as part of a team
Clear and relevant experience of general banking and financial transactions, or
appropriate equivalent experience in other related areas such as corporate or
commercial, coupled with a strong interest to move into banking / finance
Experience of debt capital markets work would be very attractive, but not essential
Experience or knowledge of our specialist market places would be attractive, especially
public and not-for-profit sectors. Enthusiasm to learn about these market places is
Excellent technical skills and a particular attention to detail balanced with a commercial
and pragmatic outlook
Ability to build rapport with a variety of stakeholders (both within the firm and outside)
and inspire and hold their confidence
Ability to work unsupervised where appropriate, but equally at home as part of a projectspecific team
Strong self-motivation and proactivity, and confident to use your own initiative where
necessary to deliver consistently high-quality work that meets the client’s objectives