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Digital Banking Ecosystem
- Maximizing the Power of Digital Channels Financial Solution Finplex
Digital Banking Overview
As digital technologies continue to evolve, bank users receive and provide information more frequently than before; opportunities to use money is also increasing.
Fujitsu provides digital banking services based mainly on “FrontSHIP,” the Finplex financial front service platform, Finplex financial APIs and other digital banking
services from FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc.
1. By utilizing APIs and providing banking services co-created by various industries, create a digital banking ecosystem allowing every user to easily experience money related services
anytime and anywhere.
2. By utilizing APIs, making the most use of the existing system, provide new services quickly through various channels, to generate new touch points and new customer experiences.
Make full use of digital advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to further insight into users, and enable offering information and services that customers
3. want. Which also strengthen the relationship between financial institutions and users.
Major functions
Biometric authentication (FIDO)
Quick access
Transfer and Payment request
Patent Pending
Piggy bank
Virtual banker
Online video consultation
Financial transaction / asset inquiry
Cloud storage
Financial service recommendation / special offer notice based on location
Patent Pending
 Customization of app design etc.
Operating environment for user applications
 Smart devices
(Smartphones, tablets, etc.)
 Web browsers
*Products marked with
in this
document include technologies for which patent applications have been filed.
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