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Guidance Notes:
Describe very briefly who you are, what you want to do, and why. Make clear how
the proposed work will make a strategic contribution to the overall goal of greater
financial inclusion in the UK.
Please make it clear what the issue is that you will be addressing under your chosen
outcome. We have listed a few ideas below, but please note that these are by no
means definitive lists and that Trustees might well be interested in providing funding
to explore other issues.
For universal banking access:
− What might a “community bank” look like ? What kind of infrastructure
would it need, who might it serve ?
− What role might the Post Office play in supporting financial services for the
most vulnerable, given its place as a commercial company ?
− Should there be a universal banking obligation ?
− Are there viable alternatives to banks for transactional banking services ?
− Is there a “principles based” regulatory approach to redress the balance against
low-income consumers ?
For sustainable debt advice:
− The development of sustainable, accessible, efficient and on-going funding
For increasing savings:
− Is the distribution of savings assets a social justice issue ?
− Structural issues that militate against savings such as poverty, benefits
eligibility or institutional behaviours.
− The architecture of choice.
− Developing a savings habit: developing models of change; adopting a public
health approach.
− Designing savings products for low-income groups, based on their preferences
and money management requirements.
For the role of affordable credit:
− Practices: models of responsible lending by commercial, third sector and
government sources
− The purposes of credit in the UK across the income spectrum.
− Appropriateness: Are some people too poor to borrow?
− Regulation: a framework for responsible lending, including disclosure of
lending in particular areas or to particular client groups
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