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Kyle Kickson
BBB Banking Partners
<Street address>
Denver, CO 00000
September 8, 2015
Dear Mr. Kickson,
I am writing to express my interest in the X Analyst position. I am very interested in a career
in Investment Banking and believe that this position is a great opportunity. In my final
semester at the University of Colorado, I am currently working on a B.S. degree in Business
Administration with an emphasis in Finance. In addition, I am pursuing a certificate in
Quantitative Finance and a Minor in Mathematics. The courses required for the certificate and
minor provide me with a deeper mathematical and economics background allowing me to
apply calculations and understand their interpretation more profoundly. I feel that my
determination for success and initiative, coupled with my strong quantitative background,
match the qualifications necessary to thrive as an Analyst for BBB Banking Partners.
Over the past two summers, I worked in investment management for both small and large
firms. Each of these firms helped develop my skills in new ways which are directly
transferable to your position. At Goldman Sachs, I joined the performance and risk team for
the institutional advisory group and learned firsthand the importance of due diligence and
having a strong attention to detail. Having these qualities helped me to quickly gain the trust
of my team and take ownership of large extensive projects. I became an integral part of the
team, working on our biggest client’s portfolio restructure and creating extensive Excel
spreadsheets to develop a new risk budget. I can be entrusted to handle a high level of
responsibility and am already familiar with the projects and tasks that would be required for
this role. As an intern at ABC Strategic Capital, I was then exposed to various projects
encompassing everything from deep research and analysis on derivatives and structured
products to marketing strategies and relationship management. At a company of less than five
employees, I consistently worked in a team based environment and must appropriately
prioritized and multi-tasked to prepare for each meeting. I am a strong collaborator and would
look forward to working with your small team.
After working in investment management for the last year, I have realized that I truly enjoy
the strategy role that is associated with derivatives. The strategy role in structuring a solution
for clients, whether in M&A or business development, leads me to believe that investment
banking is where my passion lies and where I can excel. Please see my attached resume for
more information regarding my credentials and thank you for the consideration.
Ima Rockstar