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Carman scanFor EMS PROfesor
6. Carman scanUtilization chart (2/3)
Actuator related
Each function and explanation
● : Judgment
○ : Possible
△:Partially possible
Blank : Confirmation impossible
or unnessary
Function of HI-SCAN Pro
Components operated by ECU : Injector / ISC valve/ Purge valve / O2 sensor heater / EGR valve
Explanation of function
View details of trouble when trouble occurs
1.3 Internal ECU calculation DATA
View calculating value internal ECU
1.4 Operation status monitoring
1.5 Simulation
Checking status of OBD2 operation
Measuring wave
2.2 Analysis of wave
2.3 Explanation of wave
2.4 Analysis of Data
2.5 Data store
2.7 Operating Component
Measuring signal and operating status directly
Measuring consuming status of electrical
View conversed compression pressure at each
Measuring status of battery charging status
Measuring pressure of engine vaccum & fuel
pump etc.
Measuring frequency of duty signal
4.6 Measuring duty pluse width
Measuring proportion of duty signal ON
Measuring time of frequency operated by duty
Measuring resistor
Realization of SCANNER function from PC
5.1 SCAN Data
5.2 Simulation
View communication with ECU
5.3 Store Data and Wave
Sending & watching wave after storing
Measuring wave directly
Function of scope
Measuring current flowing on ignition coil
4.4 Measuring frequency
Measuring status of each wiring & components
Measuring temperature
4.7 Measuring resistor
Explanation of wave
4.3 Measuring Temperature
Measuring duty
Sending & watching wave after storing
4.1.4 Measuring Operating curent Measuring current to operating components
Measuring wave inducting to ignition secondary
checking if abnormality exists comparing with
normal wave
Measuring pressure
Operating component directly
3.2 Analysis of wave
4.1.3 Measuring current at coil
Sending & watching wave after storing
Measuring ignition secondary wave directly
4.1.2 Cranking test
Explanation of wave
Analysis & explanation of MIN/MAX/Average
3.1 Measuring wave
Comparing compression at
each cylinder
checking if abnormality exists comparing with
normal wave
Operating actuator directly
4.1 Measuring current
Measuring signal wave directly
Changnig signal of sensor with optional value
4 Function of Multimeter
Comparing operating sign with scan data
2.2.2 Operating Actuator
3.3 Eaplanation of wave
3.4 Wave store
Poor wire
View operating value of troubled component
2.2.1 Operating sensor
3 Ignition Secondary wave
Component trouble Intermittent trouble Operating modulation
View communication with ECU
1.1 Trouble codes
1.2 Data value when trouble occurs
2 Scopemeter
A wire snap / a short circuit
Operating components directly