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1.11 Vehicle speed sensor signal analysis
1.11.1 Introduction of vehicle speed sensor and principle
Vehicle speed sensor is a sensor that
check wheel speed per second to
calculate vehicle speed.
It measures speed of body of rotation
that directly connected with driving
Mostly used vehicle speed sensor are lead type (switch on and off at every revolution )/
magnetic type and hall type.
VS sensor
Rotor rotate with the cable
connected to driving shaft
A hole for cable
Magnetic and hall
type is same
principle as crank
angle sensor.
VS sensor(lead switch type)
Vehicle speed is calculated by calculating how many voltage over the threshold(normally
1.0 - 2.5V) are generated at one second. If the noise signal is over the threshold, then it is
recognized as vehicle speed.
Vehicle speed signal is
required for AT car to
decide gear shifting level
and for MT car to reduce
the shock during fast
acceleration by adjusting
spark time and fuel
depending on vehicle
speed and gear level.
ECU calculates the
gear level using
engine speed and
vehicle speed.