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Carman scanFor EMS PROfesor
1.1.3 Crank Angle Sensor Trouble type and Analysis (1/2)
Malfunction of Crank Angle Sensor (1/2)
1. The signal is always high or low.
2. The signal is intermittently missed.
3. The noise signal detection.
4. The signal is normal but ECU identify wrong crank angle signal.
Cause of
1. Malfunction of crank angle sensor or wiring circuit failure
(Signal, Ground and Reference line)
2. Bad connection of wiring
3. Cut off noise or remove cause of noise from crank angle sensor
3.1 Shield crank angle sensor wiring.
3.2 Check whether spark plug is original part or not
(Resistance range : 2.0 - 4.5K)
4. The counteraction of sensor maker should be required.
1. The engine is not started.
2. The engine vibration and stall are sometimes occurred.
3. The engine vibration and stall are sometimes occurred and display DTC of
normal part or non existed part
4. The ignition timing is out of control range.