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Carman scanFor EMS PROfesor
1.3 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) signal analysis
1.3.1 Introduction of TPS and principle
About Sensor
TPS is the sensor to know how much accelerate the acceleration pedal. If the line
of this sensor is broken, then more than 4.7V or 2.1V of constant signal voltage
can be produced depending on ECU internal circuit..
Sensor type
Wiper type is the mostly used signal sensing type by now.
In order to response to the driver’s will quickly, fuel injection is controlled depending on
the acceleration speed and pedal value. If the pedal value is more than 50%, then
oxygen sensor feedback control is stopped to control the engine with more torque.
In case of sensor failure, intake air sensor is substituted for TPS. Therefore, fast accel
and decel can not be detected with sensor failure and hesitation can be occurred.