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1.8 ISC valve control signal analysis
1.8.1 Introduction of ISC valve and principle
ISC valve is the valve that bypass the air to keep constant engine speed when
throttle valve is closed. ECU control only the opening of the valve and air is
supplied by the under pressure in the surge tank..
Three mostly used type are DC type controlled by DC motor, Duty type controlled by
duty and Step type controlled by the electromagnet
ISC valve
ISC valve
Control line
Control line
Control line
Control line
Control line
GND Duty control
Control line
Duty type (2 coil)
Step motor type
The ECU compare the engine speed with target speed and open or close the valve
when engine speed is lower or higher than target. This compensation is composed of
proportional, integral and differential term- so called PID control..
Engine speed
Engine speed
Target speed
ISC valve opening