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1.4.4 Air Flow Sensor Field Service Example
Field example of Air flow sensor malfunction
:Abnormally high signal (Sensor is normal but signal is high)
Cause of
Accent 2000MY vehicle is hard to start. Even if it is started, power is lack
with acceleration and exhaust gas is black color.
MAP signal is very high in idle state but scanner identify normal idle state.
High MAP signal was detected because internal EGR was increased by exhaust pipe
blocking. Due to that, ECU identify big air flow and exhaust pressure make high.
It led to over fuel enrichment and poor acceleration due to lack of power.
In case of MAP equipped vehicles,if exhaust pipe is blocked,this phenomenon is
always occurred. MAP signal is increased proportion to exhaust pipe blocking status.
Signal view
Signal(1.9volt) is slightly higher than signal of no load racing(0.8 - 1.5volt)