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Mr. Velazquez
Name:_____________________________ Period:_____ Date:________
Review Answers
1. What is an organic molecule? A molecule that contains carbon
2. What does the word organic means? Carbon
3. An organic molecule that produces energy? Carbohydrates
4. What is the chemical composition of a carbohydrate? C, H, O
5. Mention 5 types of food that are carbohydrates?
a. Bananas
b. Bread
c. Rice
d. Pasta
e. Beans
6. What is the technical name for carbohydrates?
7. Give 3 examples of monosaccharides.
a. Glucose
b. Fructose
c. Galactose
8. Give 2 examples of disaccharides.
Sucrose and Maltose
9. Mention four polysaccharides
a. Chitin
b. Cellulose
c. Glycogen
d. Starch
Mr. Velazquez
10. What are the two molecules present in lipids? Glycerol and Fatty acids
11. Mention 5 types of food that are lipids?
a. Butter
b. Margarine
c. Cheese
d. Olive oil
e. Corn oil
12. What is a monomer? A single unit
Ex : amino acids
13. What is a polymer?
Ex Proteins
A larger structure
14. How many amino acids are found in nature?
15. What is a polypeptide? Proteins
16. What are the two chemical groups present in an amino acid?
Amino group NH2
Carboxil group COOH
17. What is a protein?
A macromolecule of amino acids
18. What is the function of a protein? Building blocks of life support life
19. What is a dehydration reaction? Produces water as a product
20. What is a hydrolysis reaction?
Needs water to split molecules
21. What is a peptide bond?
Bond of between amino acids
22. What is the meaning of DNA?
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
23. What is the meaning of RNA?
Ribonucleic Acid
24. Where is the DNA found?
25. Where is the RNA found?
26. What is the function of the DNA? Code of life
27. What is the function of RNA?
Produce Proteins
Mr. Velazquez
28. Mention five difference between the DNA & RNA
a. Sugars deoxyribose
b. Nitrogen bases T
c. Nucleus of cell
Ribosome of cell
d. Double strand
single strand
e. Code of life
29. How many nitrogen bases exist?
produces proteins
30. How many nitrogen bases are in the DNA?
31. How many nitrogen bases are in the RNA?
32. What is the name of the sugar of RNA?
33. What is the name of the sugar of DNA? deoxyribose
34. What substance is use to identify simple sugars? Benedit
35. What substance is use to identify polysaccharide? Iodine
36. What substance is use to identify proteins? Biuret
37. Identify one substance tested in the lab that were positive to proteins
Egg white
38. Can a positive test to benedict solution be positive to iodine. Please
explain why? or why not?
No benedit is for simple sugar monosaccharides and iodine is for
polysaccharides A Positive test to benedit should be a negative test for
Mr. Velazquez
39. What are unsaturated fat?
They are from a plant source they are liquid at room temperature they are
known as oils
Examples: Olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil.
40. What is a saturated fat?
They are from a animal source they are soild at room temperature
Examples are Lard and butter
41. What two organic compounds can be hormones?
Lipids and Proteins