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Protein Synthesis
DNA determines traits by controlling
the production of proteins.
Genes control production of proteins
Proteins are made of amino acids
The order of nitrogen bases along
a gene forms a code that specifies
what kind of protein to produce
A codon is a three-base group that
codes for one amino acid
UGG codes for
Protein synthesis occurs at the
ribosomes in the cytoplasm of a
But--DNA is in the nucleus.
So---before protein synthesis can happen, a
“messenger” called RNA is made from
RNA (ribonucleic acid) is similar to DNA
but--it has one strand and has uricil in
place of thymine.
Messenger RNA copies the
coded message from DNA in
the nucleus and carries it to
the cytoplasm
When Messenger RNA
attaches to a ribosome,
transfer RNA carries amino
acids and adds them to the
growing protein