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Operant Conditioning
Operant conditioning
 It is all about behavioral patterns occurring because of consequences.
 Things become more or less likely to occur as a result of good or bad
 Studied since the beginning of the 20th century, but obviously
punishing and rewarding has been around for a long time.
B.F. Skinner
 The study of operant conditioning was started by Edward Thorndike
with his cat puzzle
 Thorndike: “Stamp in” or “stamp out” behavior.
 Skinner expanded on these ideas and became the key name associated
with behaviorist training through rewards and punishments.
 Discuss rat in a Skinner box
Three types of Consequences:
 A response (operant) can lead to three types of consequences:
1.A neutral consequence
Neither increases nor decreases the likelihood of that same action
happening in the future.
Strengthens the possibility of a repeat of that action.
 Punishment
Weakens the response and makes it less likely to recur.
Positive & Negative reinforcers &
*Don’t think in terms of good & bad with
this. It is referring to something being given
or taken away.
Positive reinforcement Begging dog given lamb chop
Negative reinforcement-
 Removal of something unpleasant: stopping nagging.
Positive punishment Spanking
Negative punishment-
 Something pleasant may be removed- revoked Xbox privileges.