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Foothill High School
Science Department
Plate Tectonics - Exam #5
Marine Science
Mr. Dugan
1. Flat topped seamounts are commonly known as
12. What is the deepest place on Earth?
2. Island arcs, such as those found in the Aleutians,
Caribbean, and the Japan archipeligo, are formed by
volcanic action caused by _______.
13. What is the name of the 40,000 mile underwater mountain
14. As time has passed, the Atlantic Ocean basin has:
3. Seamounts which rise above the ocean's surface level are
15. Who was the first person to write about how the continents
seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle?
4. Of the following ocean basin features, the one with the
steepest slope is the ________.
5. The shallow, submerged extension of a continent is called
6. A long chain of underwater mountains is called
7. Featureless expanses of sediment covering the sea floor are
known as
8. Which of the following is best associated with trenches?
16. According to the theory of Drifting Continents, the
presence of fossils of the same species of organisms on
continents that are separated by an ocean indicates
17. The occurrence of earthquakes and the presence of
volcanoes in certain areas of the world corresponds to the
presence of
18. How do tectonic plates move?
19. Archimedes' Principle relates to the structure of the Earth
because scientists theorize that the lithosphere floats on the
9. Where are the deepest places in the ocean?
20. Going from the center of the Earth outward, the four major
layers in order are
10. The tallest mountain on Earth is
21. When isostatic equilibrium becomes disrupted, landmasses
will restore the balance by
11. If Mount Everest were placed in the Marianas Trench, the
summit of Mount Everest would
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Foothill High School
Science Department
Plate Tectonics - Exam #5
Marine Science
Mr. Dugan
Base your answers to questions 22 and 23 on the diagram below.
22. Which letter represents the location of a convergent plate boundary?
23. Which letter indicates the location of a divergent plate boundary?
24. According to the theory of seafloor spreading, new seafloor
_______ due to ______.
25. According to the theory of plate tectonics, the lithosphere
consists of
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