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6th Grade Review Plate Tectonics
Draw a picture of the three different types of plate boundaries-convergent, divergent, and transform
What types of features do you find at each? (subduction, volcano, earthquake, rift valley, ridge, trench,
Describe the difference between Uplift, folded and fault block mountains
Who was the scientist who first proposed the theory of plate tectonics in the early 1900’s?
What does the theory of plate tectonics tell us? What is continental drift? How far do the continents
move each year?
What was the name of giant supercontinent from millions of years ago? What happened to it? Is it still
What is the evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics?
How do the plates move? What forces are at work? Draw a picture of these two forces and how they
move the crust.
Using the map provided, locate the seven MAJOR plates. Highlight them in yellow and note where the
Ring of Fire is located in Red.
Draw and Identify the layers of the earth using the following terms- crust, mantle, inner core, outer
core, lithosphere, asthenosphere