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Welcome to Science (3/2)
 Have a seat and take out the following:
 Your
“Show and Tell” Form (if it is ready
to turn in)
 Plate Movement Model
 Your Cat. Events Book (Page 174)
 Today’s Objective: Continue to use a model
to see what happens when different types of
tectonic plates meet in different ways.
 Homework: Plate Model Movement Lab due
Tues. Mar. 3rd
Order of Activities:
1. Turn in your Pangaea Lab (if you didn’t yesterday).
2. Finish your Seafloor Spreading Lab (I will collect them
tomorrow and Friday).
3. Use your Seafloor Spreading Model to explain the theory
to the people at your table.
4. Add big ideas about the Theories of Continental Drift and
Seafloor Spreading to page 29 in your notebook.
5. Engage in the enrichment activities (Convergent and
Divergent Plate Boundary Model).
6. Watch BrainPOP Videos on the topics of Pate Tectonics,
and/or visit Plate Tectonics Related Links from our