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1. How are the crust, mantle, core alike? Different?
2. What is a tectonic plate?
3. What powers the movement of the tectonic plates? Tell where this force is and
how it works?
4. What are seismic waves?
5. Why do seismic waves travel at different speeds in the lithosphere,
Asthenosphere, mantle outer core and inner core?
6. What is the theory of continental drift?
7. What is the evidence that supports continental drift?
8. What is sea floor spreading?
9. What is the evidence of sea floor spreading?
10. What is the theory of plate tectonics?
11. How does sea floor spreading support continental drift theory?
12. How are divergent, convergent and transform boundaries alike? Different?
13. What is the difference between a boundary and a plate?
14. How is plate movement tracked?
15. What increases the further down you go in the earth?