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Natural Selection Quiz
1. True or False: The diversity of species increases the chance that at
least some organisms adapt and survive any major changes in the
true 2. True or False: The selection of beneficial traits is a natural process.
true 3. Define natural selection.
The process by which organisms with traits that better enable them to adapt to their environment will tend to survive and reproduce in greater numbers, allowing these favorable traits to be passed on to the next generations. 4. What is an adaptation?
An adaptation is a trait that allows a plant, animal, or other organism to survive and reproduce in its environment. 5. Why is a summer tan not passed onto the next generation?
A summer tan is acquired. It is not an inherited trait, so it is not passed to the enxt generation. 6. Why is white fur of an Arctic hare beneficial?
a) White fur offers protection in the snow.
b) White fur keeps the rabbit warm.
c) White fur is better suited to mating.
d) all of the above
7. Which of the following is necessary for natural selection?
a) There must be a shortage of food.
b) The must be a change in the environment, causing individuals to change.
c) There must be some genetic differences among the individuals of a species.
d) all of the above
8. Which of the following statements is not true?
a) Beneficial traits allow some individuals to survive and reproduce.
b) Adaptations are necessary for the survival of a species.
c) Beneficial traits will become rare in a population as individuals die.
d) Inherited traits are passed to the next generation.
9. Which statement best explains the relationship between evolution and
natural selection?
a) Natural selection occurs by evolution.
b) Evolution occurs by natural selection.
c) Natural selection is evolution.
d) Evolution leads to natural selection.
10. How many species are predicted to be alive on Earth?
a) up to 3 million
b) up to 10 million
c) up to 30 million
d) up to 100 million