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Unit 5 Chemical Properties and Changes Video Notes
1. A ____________ ______________ is a characteristic that can be observed when a
___________ ______________ _____________ the identity of the _____________.
2. A ___________ ____________ is a change that _________ the identity of a substance
resulting in a ______ _______________ or ____________ with ______________
3. A ______________ __________________ is the process by which _______ ____
_________ substances ___________ to produce one or _________ ____________
Examples of Chemical Properties
Evidence of a Chemical Change
________________________ A change that alters the identity of a substance resulting in a
new substance or substances with different properties
________________________ Those characteristics that can be observed when a chemical
reaction changes the identity of the substance, such as potential to rust, corrode, or combust
________________________ The process by which one or more substances change to
produce one or more different substances
________________________ The process of burning - chemical change, especially
oxidation, accompanied by the production of heat and light.
________________________ The result of a chemical reaction between a metal and its
surroundings during which the metal is oxidized.
________________________ How capable something is of being easily set on fire and of
burning rapidly
________________________ Evidence of a chemical reaction; a precipitate is a solid
substance in suspension (making the solution cloudy) or settled to the bottom of the solution
________________________ The characteristics or qualities of a substance: physical and
To decay due to the action of fungi or bacteria
________________________ Red oxides, formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the
presence of water or air moisture
________________________ A phase is another name for a physical state of matter such as
solid, liquid, or gas
________________________ To make or become dull, dim, or discolored