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Federal legislation re:
labor-management power
» labor unions
Labor policies and legislation
» wages and income
» employment security
» hours and schedules of work
» employee services and benefits
Federal Legislation
Norris-LaGuardia Act (1932)
» restricted ability of employers to
obtain federal injunction against
strike activities by union
Wagner Act (1935) [National
Labor Relations Act]
» right to join union without
interference or discrimination
» allowance made for collective
» established NLRB
» established procedures to follow
in unfair labor practices cases
Federal Legislation
Taft-Hartley Act (1947)
» prevented unions from
coercing employees to form
» outlawed union shop
(employee must join union)
» outlawed closed shop
(employer can hire only
union members)
» required participation in
collective bargaining
Federal Legislation
Landrum-Griffin Act (1959)
Reporting and Disclosure Act]
» established bill of rights for
union worker
» required financial disclosure by
» set procedures to elect union
» provided civil and criminal
procedures to prosecute union
financial abuses
Is unionization + or - ?
Wage and Income
Fairness vs. _______
 Unions have established
wage scales and merit pay
Fair Labor Standards Act
» purpose =
» established _____________
Wages and Income
Social Security Act (1935)
» __________________
» purpose =
» criteria
– not a new employee
– be able and willing to work
– be out of a job through no fault of
their own
» regulations vary by state
Wages and Income
Equal Pay Act (1963)
» equal ____ for equal _____
(no discrimination on basis
of _____)
Hours and
Schedules of Work
Fair Labor Standards Act
» minimum wage
» __________ work week or
» controls employment of
Union contracts
» negotiate
State laws vary
Employment Security/
Equal Employment
Opportunity (EEO)
Civil Rights Act (1964)
» no discrimination on basis of
» Title VII: includes action by
employers, employment
agencies, labor unions
Title VII extension (1974)
» no discrimination on basis of
Employment Security
Age Discrimination in
Employment Act (1967)
» protects _____________
Pregnancy Discrimination
Act (1978)
» no discrimination on basis
of pregnancy,
Employment Security
Civil Rights Act of 1991
» relaxed burden of proof
» allowed for damages for
pain and suffering
» i.e. more likely that
employees will sue to
uphold the law
Employment Security
Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA, 1990)
» no discrimination on basis of
disability IF
» pre-employment: cannot ask
» can ask about
Employment Security
Immigration Reform and
Control Act of 1986
» illegal to recruit or hire
anyone _______________
» I-9 form required
Employment Security
Other considerations:
» ________________
» __________ for hiring
– quota =
– Affirmative Action
vs. ___________________
Risks to security:
Risks of security?
Employee Services
and Benefits
Health and safety
» Occupational Safety and Health
Act (OSHA, 1970)
» Family and Medical Leave Act
– allows for
Health insurance
» Flexible Benefit plans
Accident insurance
Employee Services
and Benefits
» Social Security Act
» pension, retirement
» profit-sharing
» vacations, holidays, sick leave
Convenience and comfort