Download Atoms The smallest piece of matter that have specific properties of

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The smallest piece of matter that have specific properties of an element
Made of:
Proton (positive protons)
Positively charged particles
Found in the atomic nucleus.
Neutron (no charge neutrons)
No charge (neutral)
Found in the nucleus.
Electron (negative electrons)
Negatively charged particles
Found in the outer shells.
Electrons determine properties of the atom.
Chemical reactions involve sharing or exchanging electrons.
Nucleus: The central part of an atom.
Composed of protons and neutrons.
Contains most of an atom's mass.
Outer Shell: Electrons
1st layer- 2
2nd - 8 electrons etc
Valence Electrons:
 The electrons in the outer shell of an atom
Octet Rule: Atoms tend to gain, lose or share one or more of their valence electrons to
achieve a filled outer electron shell