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The Atomic Model
The 5 Stages of the
Atomic Model
Dalton’s Model
The atom is a solid
indivisible mass
No protons, neutrons or
Like a marble
The Plum Pudding Model
Developed by Lord
Kelvin based on the
work of J.J. Thomson
Negatively charged
electrons are
embedded in a positive
No protons or neutrons
The Nuclear Model
Developed by
Based on his famous
“Gold Foil Experiment”
Results of experiment:
Discovered nucleus =
positive dense core of
the atom containing
protons and neutrons
Atom is mostly empty
space where electrons
randomly orbit nucleus.
Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment
Planetary Model
Developed by Neils
Electrons travel in
circular, defined orbits
around nucleus called
energy levels
Energy level: region
around nucleus where
electrons are likely to
be moving
Like a target.
Quantum Mechanical Model
Developed by Erwin Schrodinger
aka “Electron Cloud” model
Doesn’t define an exact path of electron;
estimates probability of finding electron in a
certain location
Uses atomic orbitals = a 3-D region around
nucleus that describes the electron’s
probable location.
Each orbital can hold a maximum of 2 electrons