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Period: Elements in the same horizontal row with the same ground
state energy level.
Periodic Law: Elements list in order of their atomic numbers that fall
into reoccurring groups.
Ionic Radius: the radius of an atom’s ion, measured by the distance
between ions in a crystal lattice.
Atomic Radius: one-half the distance between the nuclei of two like
atoms in a diatomic molecule, or the size of an atom.
Ionization Energy: The energy needed to remove an outermost
Electronegativity: When elements are chemically combined, the
tendency to attract electrons.
Shielding: the attraction between an electron and the nucleus in any
atom with more than one electron shell.
Nuclear Charge: The net positive charge experienced by an electron in
an atom with more than one electron. Sometimes effective is used to
describe this because the shielding effect on negatively charged
electrons prevents higher orbital electrons from full nuclear charge of
the nucleus due to repelling effect of the inner layer electrons.