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1. How many protons, electrons, and
neutrons are in an atom of bromine-80?
Write the symbol notation for this isotope.
3. What is the name of the element that
has atoms that contain 17 protons?
5. Write the electron configuration for
2. Naturally occurring copper
consists of 69.17% copper-63,
which has an mass of 62.92 amu,
and 30.83% copper-65, which has
mass of 64.92amu. Find the
average atomic mass.
4. What is the frequency of a radio wave
with an energy of 1.55 x 10 -24 J?
6.Describe and draw a picture of the
electron cloud model of the atom in as
much detail as possible.
How many electrons are in each orbital?
How many valence electrons?
How many core electrons?
7. Compare and contrast the 3 types of
subatomic particles in terms of location in
the atom, mass, and relative charge.
8. Draw the orbital diagram for sulfur.
9. What is the frequency of a wave
whose wavelength is 5.3 x 10 -6 m?