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Element Blocks Project
Student Name:___________________
Element Name:________________Element Symbol:_______
For this activity each person will be assigned an element to research.
Your assignment is to produce an element block that will have six sides,
each having different information about your element. Elements will be
assigned randomly. Your teacher will show you how to make the block after
you have researched and obtained all the information that will go onto you
block. Each block must have the following information. Each section/face
of the block is worth 8 points making the entire block project worth 48
Element Block Sections
Basic Information: Student Name, Hour, and Teacher Name.
Atomic Information: Element name, symbol, atomic number, and
mass number. (Like on the periodic table)
Element Properties.
Uses of assigned element.
Historical Information (3-4 complete sentences).
Structure of Atom (drawing): Must have the following parts of the
atom labeled – protons, electrons, neutrons, nucleus, and electron