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A Review of Atoms
The Atom
The atom is the building
block of all substances.
The basic parts of the
atom are; the electron,
the proton and the
Here’s a closer look at
the atom.
The Proton
Found in the nucleus.
Positive charge.
Number of
The Neutron
Found in the nucleus.
Has mass, but no
electrical charge.
About the same size as
the proton.
The Electron
Note that the electron is
found outside of the
nucleus.Here it is shown
as a small dot circling the
There are the same
number of electrons and
protons in a neutral
Energy Levels
Electrons are found in energy
levels that surround the nucleus.
Each energy level has a letter
designation (k to q).
There is a maximum number of
electrons found in each level.
K(1st)=2, l(2nd)=8, m(3rd)=8 and
Note that only elements to
atomic number 20 are shown in
this way.
Atomic Models
Atoms may be shown in
different ways. This type
of model is called the
Bohr model.
This one is for sodiumatomic number 11.
Here is another example
of the Bohr Model.