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Natural Selection Study Guide
_____ Evolution
_____ Adaptation
_____ Variation
_____ Overproduction
5. _____ Natural Selection
6. _____ Speciation
7. _____ Galapagos Islands
8. _____ Artificial Selection
9. _____ Charles Darwin
a. when organisms produce more offspring than will
b. the process of the change in the hereditary features
in a population
c. Created the theory of “Natural Selection”
d. Islands that Darwin visited and helped him to create
his theory for evolution
e. Selection that humans do to create different types of
animals and plants
f. Differences among members of a group of species
g. variations that are helpful to the organism to help
them survive
h. Theory that states the strongest or fittest animals
will adapt to the environment and survive
i. Creating new species
Short answers:
List some adaptations that a polar bear has?
10. How do these adaptations help the polar bear live in its habitat?
11. List the five pieces of evidence that scientists use for the theory of evolution?
1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________
4. _________________________________________________
5. _________________________________________________