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Job Description: Online & Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Reporting to:
Marketing Manager
Contemporary offices in Central York.
5 minutes’ walk from York train station.
Job Purpose:
To support the Marketing Manager in the execution of the agreed marketing plan and
strategy. In particular you will be responsible for the online marketing channels including
social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing.
Responsibilities – Social Media Marketing
Writing, uploading and scheduling social media updates
Uploading and publishing LinkedIn posts
Sharing relevant and interesting content on Twitter
Increasing social media followers
Responding to mentions / social interactions
Social listening – finding, contributing to and engaging with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Engaging with followers, prospective clients and the wider CRO community
Optimising social media profiles for lead generation
Working with the Marketing Manager to develop a social media strategy and editorial calendar
Regularly reporting on social media marketing KPIs, such as interactions and followers
Analysing social media marketing activity and identifying opportunities
Undertake regular analysis of our competitor’s social marketing activity
Researching new social media opportunities that may benefit the business
Responsibilities – Content Marketing & Dissemination
Disseminating our content across a wide range of social media channels and websites
Identifying new content partner opportunities
Increasing backlinks to the AWA website
Repurposing content in formats suitable for other platforms such as SlideShare
Forming relationships with key players in the CRO field, asking them to contribute to our content
Helping to come up with ideas for the content planning process
Regularly reporting on content marketing KPIs, such as shares and downloads
Analysing content marketing activity and identifying opportunities
Undertake regular analysis of our competitor’s content marketing activity
Briefing and liaising with external content writers as required
Writing content and emails as required
Responsibilities – Search Engine Marketing
Conducting keyword research and making recommendations
Optimising content on the website for search engines
Using Google Webmaster Tools to identify website errors and fixing them
Working with our PPC agency to deliver paid search engine marketing campaigns
Regularly reporting on search engine marketing KPIs such as rankings and click thrus.
Analysing search engine marketing activity and identifying opportunities
Researching new SEO, PPC and display opportunities that may benefit the business
Responsibilities – Misc
Keeping up to date with digital media trends
Working with the Marketing Coordinator to ensure that our prospect database contains up-to-date
and relevant information. Including:
o Contact details - addresses, head office phone numbers, email addresses
o People changing jobs – where they’ve gone and who’s replaced them
o What marketing activity prospects have received
o What type of prospect they are
Providing office administration support such as:
o Booking meeting rooms and audio visual equipment
o Proofreading sales and marketing materials
o Binding whitepapers and reports
Responding to live chats on the AWA website
Any other reasonable duties required by the CEO or Marketing Manager