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Internet terms
+ A global connection of computer
networks all over the world.
+ A software application or program
that allows a user to see, hear and
interact with the internet
+ A website that allows user to find
information and the Internet, by
searching the web for certain
Search engine
+ These letters stand for Uniform
Resource Locator, which is the
address of a website on the internet.
+ The act of saving a web page to a
browser so that a user may go back to
that page over and over again without
having to search for it.
+ A collection of web pages that are
linked to one another and available on
the world wide web
Web Site
+ These letters stand for the words
“world wide web” which is another
way to refer to the internet
+ This is a word that is put into a search
engine to tell the search engine what
to find on the internet
+ This stands for hypertext transfer
protocol and is a language that
computers use for internet
+ This is the act of getting a file from the
internet and saving it to your
computer, or transferring a file from
one computer to another.