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David Young
4336 Alla Road
Los Angeles, CA 90066
[email protected]
Cell. 714.366.6626
Coding at home and work is double XP
 University of Southern California, Los Angeles – Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science » 2018
 University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Masters of Computer Science with Specialization in Game Development » 2012 » GPA. 3.90
 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona - Masters of Computer Science » 2010
Thesis: Real Time Java Implementation of NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies in StarCraft
 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona - B.S. of Computer Science » 2009 » President’s Honor List
Technical Expertise
Oracle Certified Java Programmer » IEEE Certified Software Development Associate
C++, C, Java, PHP, Lua
Ogre3D, Havok, EJB, Hibernate, Spring, Swing, SWT, JMS, JAXP
xUnit, OOA/OOD (UML 2.3, Design Patterns, Refactoring), Agile(XP, Scrum), RIA, TDD, CM
Visual Studio, Eclipse, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Subversion/Perforce
Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac OSX
Activision Treyarch, Santa Monica, CA
Software Engineer
2012 – Present
Working on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 development of the award winning Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game.
 Currently focused on Artificial Intelligence systems for future next generation AAA titles.
 Previously implemented numerous front end systems in Black Ops 2’s single player and online zombie modes.
Riot Games, Santa Monica, CA
Software Engineer Platform
2011 – 2012
Solved “problems” in all facets of the platform powering the globally successful online game, League of Legends.
 Focused on rapid engineering solutions on a two week worldwide delivery schedule to millions of players.
 Worked on stabilizing and expanding the platform now showing near 99% scheduled up time supporting over
32.5 million players worldwide in North America, Europe, China, Taiwan and Korea, with over 5 Million CCU.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Software System Engineer
2010 – 2011
Started in the final year of development for the over budget and belated $2.5 billion dollar MSL mars rover mission.
 Re-architected and implemented the data abstraction layer for real-time storage and access of all mission data
to remedy mission critical performance blockers.
 Created the real-time link between the launch pad ground systems at Cape Canaveral to mission control at JPL.
NASA Deep Space Network, Monrovia, CA
Software Engineer
2008 – 2010
Migrated in house applications used by Operations from a custom server framework to the Zend Framework.
 Architected the modularized plug-and-play backend services used across current and new applications.
USC CS522 & CS499 & CS452 - Game Engine, Hardware, Console Development TA
2011 – Present
Assisting professors in designing and executing USC GamePipe Game Engine, PS3, and Xbox 360 projects for students.
 Projects varied from engine optimizations, to engine expansions, to full game creations.
Tales from the Minus Lab
Lead Engine Architect
2011- 2012
Created the custom game engine powering Tales from the Minus Lab, allowing players to grow and shrink freely.
 A component based game engine supporting deferred rendering with Ogre3d, Havok physics, and custom LOD.
USC GamePipe Game Engine AI Module
2010 – 2011
Created a multithreaded generic C++/Lua AI system inside the USC GamePipe Game Engine supporting rendering,
animations, physics, local steering, pathfinding, and internal state handling.