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Best Digital Marketers In the City For the Global Services
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing includes promotion of your business through the Digital
mediums like SEO, PPC, Social Networking, Blogging, Email and Affiliates.
Having many of the competitor in the market it has become the
necessity to have your business marketed digitally so as to make the
maximum profit.
• It is a Significant approach over the traditional marketing.
• Strategically goes by planning to execution more quickly.
• Provides fans/ viewers/ readers by marketing your content.
• Campaigns are easier to execute.
• Digital marketing gives the brand to tell its story.
• Reach a broader, more engaged and targeted audience.
• Provides additional branding and promotion for your company or
Digital Marketing Services
Through Digital Marketing we try to reach every possible person in a
every possible way. Under Digital Marketing we provide given below
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Optimization
• PPC Management services
• Search Engine Marketing
• Content Writing Services
• Google Analytics Services
• E-Commerce Marketing
• Online Reputation Management
• Online Branding
• Online Consultation Services and more…
Digital Marketing Company
Digital Marketing Company in Pune :
Digital marketing services is to boost the visibility of a website on
the internet. Digital Marketing is a way to increase in sales &
leads, online conversions, event promotion and many more.
OPTIMIZED INFOTECH is a leading Digital Marketing Company in
Pune. We provide digital marketing services across the world. We
are Google Adword Certified Company and working in the field
for several years.
About Us
Optimized Infotech:
Optimized Infotech is a Digital Marketing Company incepted in 2010
and headquartered in Kothrud, Pune, India. We are an integrated
digital marketing agency, proud of our technical expertise, creative flair
and ability to draw actionable insights from data
The main objectives of the Optimized Infotech are:
• To impart services in the Internet Marketing Domain.
• To grow individual or organizations business by maintaining online
presence through their websites.
Digital Marketing Consultation & Services
Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization
Web Analytics Services
Web Development
Online Reputation Management
Pay Per Click Marketing & Search Engine Marketing.
Our Digital Marketing Campaigns
We plan according to the following..
• Website(s) from clients.
• Web Analytics Solution for clean website.
• Quality Content as per services and products.
• Search Engine Optimization to rank your website on top of Search
• PPC or Paid marketing
& advertising through Search Engine
• Social Media Management which help you in growing your online
presence through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,
Goolge+, LinkedIn and much more.
• Built a Traffic conversion strategies.
Our Clients
Contact Us
#B2/7, New Friends Society, Vanaz Corner,
Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune
Call Us at:
+91 8007122500 | +91 8007122667
Mail Us at:
[email protected]
Visit us at: