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Warsaw, 3 January 2005
Pursuant to Journal of Laws No. 139, item 1569 paragraph 43 section 1
of the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers dated October 16, 2001,
the Management Board of ComputerLand Spółka Akcyjna, Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 180,
hereby informs of the Resolution of the National Depository for Securities
on the assimilation of series P, R and O shares.
With reference to stock exchange announcement No. CL/80/2004 dated December 27, 2004,
relating to the Resolution of the Stock Exchange on admitting into stock exchange trade ordinary
bearer P, R and O series shares of ComputerLand SA, the Management Board of the Company
informs that by virtue of resolution No. 669/04 dated December 29, 2004, the Management Board
of the National Depository for Securities SA decided to assimilate on January 3, 2005,
the following shares:
- 750 (seven hundred and fifty) ordinary bearer series P shares of the nominal value PLN 1
each, marked with the code PLCMPLD00107,
- 200 (two hundred) ordinary bearer series R shares of the nominal value PLN 1 each,
marked with the code PLCMPLD00107,
- 300 (three hundred) series O shares of the Company, issued under article 5a.1 of
the Company’s Articles of Association and Resolution No. 1 of the Company’s
Management Board of 14 December, 2001, marked by the National Depository for
Securities SA with the code PLCMPLD00099,
with 6,738,129 (six million seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty-nine)
shares of the Company bearing the code PLCMPLD00016. The shares subject to the assimilation
shall bear the code PLCMPLD00016.
Therefore, as of January 3, 2005, the code PLCMPLD00016 is assigned to 6,739,379 (six million
seven hundred and thirty-nine thousand three hundred and seventy-nine) shares of the Company.