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Position Title :
Position Nº:
Department/Division :
Closing date:
27 February 2009
Supervisor's Name and Title :
The role of the Investments Division is to manage all the Bank Group’s Treasury assets with the objective of
capital preservation, profitability and liquidity maintenance in accordance with the Bank Group’s specific
investment guidelines. Currently, the Bank Group manages approximately USD 16 Billion of funds in the
Special Drawing Rights (SDR) component currencies (US dollar, Japanese Yen, Pounds Sterling, Euro and
the South African Rand) for several entities and accounts such as: the African Development Bank (ADB),
the African Development Fund (ADF), the Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF), the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries
(HIPC) Initiative, etc
Duties and Responsibilities : Under the supervision of the Division Manager, FTRY.3, the incumbent will carry
out the following functions:
Participate in the management of the Bank’s assets versus a specific benchmark or fixed liability
schedule with the objective of capital preservation, profitability and liquidity maintenance in
accordance with the Investment Guidelines of the specific fund;
Determine the optimal asset allocation to maximise risk-adjusted returns through the identification and
recommendation of investment products and trading strategies;
Assist in the execution of FX transactions and money market management;
Conduct scenario analysis and stress testing of investment proposals and strategies;
Provide investment analytics through the designing of spreadsheets to control market and credit risk;
Perform credit analysis on financial institutions and asset backed securities (ABS) issuers;
Provide periodic oral and written reports to management on capital and credit market
Coordinate reporting and settlement of transactions in liaison with back-office and middle-office;
Participate in the review of the Bank Group’s investment management framework, financial policies,
guidelines, benchmarks and procedures;
Provide advisory services and technical assistance to African Central Banks and other financial
institutions on fixed income investment management;
Selection Criteria: (including desirable skills, knowledge and experience)
 A minimum of a Master’s degree (or its equivalent) in Finance, Economics, Mathematics or Statistics
and preferably with a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification or any other relevant discipline.
 A minimum of four (4) years of relevant and practical experience in International Capital Markets;
 Strong knowledge and understanding of financial instruments, particularly, bonds, ABS, derivatives,
structured products and risk management concepts;
 Strong knowledge fixed income financial markets, macroeconomics, financial mathematics and risk
 Proven credit analysis and financial modelling skills;
 Experience in dealing in fast paced environment and under stress;
 Familiarity with Treasury systems such as Reuters Dealing, Summit, Numerix and Bloomberg add-ins;
 Ability to work as a team player with excellent interpersonal and presentation skills;
 Command of standard computer software applications;
Communicate and write effectively in French or English, with a good working knowledge of the other
Submitted by:
Benson Maina, Acting Division Manager, CHRM.1
Date :
Approved by:
Daniel Tytiun, Director, CHRM
Date :
Only applicants who fully meet the Bank's requirements and are being considered for interview will be contacted. Applicants will
only be considered if they submit a fully completed Personal History Form (PHF) available from the Bank’s web site and attach a
comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) showing date of birth and nationality and preferably submitted electronically to:
[email protected] African Development Bank is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged
to apply.