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Jessica Montezuma
S.S. Responsibility
Final Draft
K.I.V.A. Project
All the Social Studies blocks in the 6th grade are doing a project about poor or well
payed women in Africa. What we are doing is helping to benefit women by loaning them
money to start a business, support their family, etc. All of the women have different
stories for needing the money.
To do that, we are going to buy items from “Silver Graphics.” The monet will be
sent to K.I.V.A. to switch American money to African money. And the women or woman
we selected will receive the money to do what they had desired to do with it.
Doing this will make me feel really good because this can make a difference to
women halfway across the world. And this project helped me learn that a couple dollars
can help change many people’s lives drastically.
Some obstacles we have to face is the fact that if people in our class don’t buy
items and raise enough money, we won’t be able to pay off the amountthat the women
need. If the amount we earned doesn’t fully support them, other people from different
areas will have to loan money. The money given to them is used for education,jobs,food
for their family, and buying more land for their business so they can expand it.
The whole class in each block will pick one or several women to benefit. Hopefully
everyone will pitch in with their money. But we earn it by paying for items of our
drawings we’ll be making and the people at “Silver Graphics” will put it on anything
such as a magnet,backpack, etc. Once all the loans from people all over the world are
paid off, the African woman woiuld be taken off of for being fully
supported with the money raised.