Download National Fleet Graphics Truck Advertising Program Materials

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National Fleet Graphics
Truck Advertising Program
3M™ Five Year Matched Component System (MCS) Warranty
Printer Scitex Turbo Jet
Film 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180-10 with Comply™ Performance
Film 3M™ Scotchlite™ IJ680CR-10 with Comply™ Performance
Overlaminate 3M™ Overlaminate 8519
Inks 3M™ 4800 Ink
Application Trucks/Trailers, flat with rivets
Warranty for vertical exposure 5 years
All graphics and installation are covered by the 3M™ Five Year MCS Warranty. This
warranty covers the removal of defective graphics, the re-manufacture of the graphics and
the re-installation of the graphics because of excessive cracking, crazing, color shift and
delamination due to material failure or installation for a period of five years.
Selecto-Flash, Inc. is certified by 3M™ to process their materials and uses only 3M™
certified installers.