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Technical Drawing History
~2000BC – a drawing carved
on a tablet for a temple in
Babylonian Empire
( from a collection of Louvre)
Perspective drawing technique was invented during
the Renaissance period (1300-1500)
Engineering Graphics
Parallel projection technique was invented during
the Industrial Revolution period (1750-1850)
Engineering Graphics
2-D CAD systems were developed in the 1980s
Engineering Graphics
3-D CAD systems were developed in the 1990s
Dodge Neon was
designed using 3-D
CAD system CATIA
The Boeing 777 is the first jetliner
to be 100 percent digitally
designed using threedimensional computer graphics.
Throughout the design process,
the airplane was "preassembled" on the computer,
eliminating the need for a costly,
full-scale mock-up.
Engineering Graphics
Concurrent Engineering is the 21st century star