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The CSE 331 Version
Jeff Golden and Paul Madrid
The Project
• Implement Risk for the computer.
• Requires:
– Graphics plus user interface
– Multiplayer capabilities
– Network support
• Can support:
– AI modules
– Other user interfaces
• Risk is written in C++ using OpenGL as the
graphics library.
• Why C++?
– Could not find sockets library
– ISE graphics library not suitable for games
Client/Server Model
• Server
The game is stored on the server.
The server performs all move validations.
Server sends messages and results to client.
Server can be on the client machine or remote.
• Client
– Client receives messages from server.
– Client displays the game map and other game data
– Client receives user input, translates it, and sends it
to server.
Server Issues
• Move validation:
– How can we detect
adjacent countries?
– How can we tell when
certain moves are valid?
• Process communication:
– Stream communication in
– What language do
processes speak?
Move Validation
• Use a graph for adjacencies.
– We implemented a Graph ADT for this
purpose, inheriting from the STL map
• Keep track of game states for proper move
– Also helps eliminate need for multithreading.
Process Communication
• Create abstract Socket class
– Allows cross-platform socket communication.
– Allows C++-stream-style I/O.
• Define a communication protocol
– FTP-like syntax
– Covers all information a viewer would need
– Plain text
Client Issues
• Graphical
– How does the viewer display the stored data?
– Receiving/sending messages?
• Interface
– Easy way for user to communicate?
• Data
– Number of armies at center of country.
– Countries colored according to owning player.
– Status through a pop-up box.
• Messages
– When received from the server, will be
displayed in the lower part of screen.
– When sent by user, will also be displayed in
lower part of screen.
• Main Window
– Divided in three: the map component,
message component, and a dice box.
– Mainly for display of data.
• Menu-system
– Context-menu-style system
– All commands necessary at disposal of player
through context-menu.
Division of Labor
• Jeff worked from the client end of the project.
– Learned OpenGL GLUT and developed the client
through it.
– Developed user interface
– Developed bitmaps and other graphics
• Paul worked from the server end of the project.
– Implemented Graph and Socket classes, and all
game data classes
– Wrote game logic
– Determined command syntax
• AI Modules
– If they can follow
command syntax, they
should be able to
• Other user interfaces
– Text based
– Variants of graphics
– Three-dimensional
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