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Aims and Scope of Journal
The African Finance Journal (AFJ) is published two times a year by the African Finance
Association. The journal publishes significant new research in finance and strives to establish a
balance between theoretical and empirical studies. Papers written in any areas of Finance,
Accounting and Economics, relevant to development finance, will be considered for publication.
The principal criteria for inclusion are a paper’s quality and contribution to the field of Finance,
Accounting and Economics without undue regards to its technical content. The journal is listed
on JEL and IBSS and accredited by the Department of Education of South Africa.
Target Groups
Academics, Private sector, Researchers, Governments, NGOs, Students and other Policy
Subscription rates
African Finance Journal Rates
Membership Category
Annual fee
Library and Corporate Subscriptions
Student (3 year max)
Single copy (if available)
US $60.00
US $160.00
US $30.00
US $30.00
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All papers, reports, communications and discussion contributions published in the journal are
the property of Africagrowth Institute unless otherwise indicated. The opinions expressed in the
journal, by contributors, do not necessarily reflect those held by either the Africagrowth Institute
or the editorial Committee.