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A call to take action!
MAY, Africa Day theme”2015 and beyond”:
As Africa celebrates liberation day on 25, 2015, under the theme “2015 and beyond”, we members of the
global alliance of action/2015 and Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) mark this day by
reminding our African leaders to take action and deliver the African promise through the African Common
position by financing to tackling inequalities, climate change and end poverty in all its forms.
In less than 70 days, Africa will host the financing for development summit in Addis-Ababa Ethiopia a tool
for implementation of the African common Position which is Africa’s contribution to the SDGs framework
for the next 15 years. We therefore remind our leaders during this summit to change the game plan of
discussing promises and concentrate on taking action on the promises already made.
Double commitment and action is urgently needed to iron out;
 unfair tax practices and reducing barriers that stiffen local businesses
 illicit financial flows
 corruption and
 Directing/guiding domestic and foreign investment towards the aspirations and needs of the
grassroots communities in order to leave no one behind.
Furthermore, we recognize that bad governance practices in some counties have limited peoples’ social,
economic and political freedoms all of which have constantly stagnated development in all forms.
Africa is already blessed with huge amounts of resources needless to mention the new discoveries in
Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and many other parts of Africa but without good governance and people’s
participation, the resources have a potential of being a curse than a blessing to the African people.
We therefore call on our leaders to shy away from bad governance and take action and liberate Africa
from the bondage of poverty, disease, youth unemployment, poor infrastructure, illiteracy, inland
conflicts and terrorism.
As the world looks forward to September for the adoption of the new development framework (SDGs) for
the next 15 years as well as December when a new climate change agreement will be agreed,
Action/2015 joins millions of other Africans are looking up to and challenging African leaders to raise their
ambitions for humanity. The decision made today will especially affect the lives of young people for the
next 15 years a period which will also impact generations to come.
Therefore it now time for our leaders to act and reach a consensus on the common challenges, priorities
and aspirations and to actively participate in the debate and address issues that will affect the African
And lastly, we are asking our leaders to rethink the key areas of Africa’s priorities to the achievement of
the framework as recommended in the Regional consultative meeting held in 2013 in Addis Ababa as:
Economic development
Social development
Good Governance and robust institutions
Effective means of implementation
For further information please contact kyerewa Asamoah Regional Campaign coordinator on
[email protected]