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Black History Month
By:Sonya Soto
Martin Luther
King jr.
African American
civil rights
movement and
peace movement.
He was a clergyman
One of the greatest
orators in U. S.
Jackie Robinson
• First African American
Major league baseball
• Broke the baseball color
line when he debuted the
Brooklyn Dodgers.
• First African American
vice president of major
American corporation.
• He ended slavery.
• Ranked by scholars greatest
U.S. president of them all.
• The mission of the Abraham
Lincoln foundation of the
Union league is to preserve and
develop the collections of the
Union league and utilize them
and educate and inspire the
Rosa Parks
• Prompted the first
major civil rights
demonstration in
• African American
nitarian and
Union spy during
the American
civil war.
• Made thirteen
mission to rescue
over seventy
• She was a slave
and she escaped
to Philadelphia
and went back to
Maryland to
rescue her family.