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Reconstruction Review
Set 1 - 50 points each
1. Won the Presidency in 1868 and again in 1872?
2. Assassinated Lincoln at Ford’s theater?
3. Democrat from Tennessee with Pro-Union
sympathies that was saved from impeachment
by 1 vote?
4. Focused attention on stopping the lynchings
going on in the south?
5. Believed African Americans should concentrate
on achieving economic independence, which he
saw as the key to political and social equality?
Set 2 - 100 points each
1. Series of laws designed to enforce segregation
of the races?
2. Southern whites who had supported the Union
cause and now were in favor of Reconstruction?
3. Granted citizenship to all those born or
naturalized in the U.S.?
4. Grant won the election of 1868 with the help of
___ voters.
5. Rebuilding of the south and reuniting the nation
was known as ___.
Set 3 - 100 Points Each
1. This abolished slavery?
2. Were written to limit the freedom of former
3. Whites and African Americans from the north
who traveled south to attend state constitutional
4. Granted the right to vote to all male citizens
regardless of race?
5. Laws designed to stop violence against African
Set 4 - 150 Points Each
1. Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction allowed
southern states to join the Union when ___ of
the state’s voting population of 1860 swore
loyalty to the nation.
2. How did President Lincoln respond to the
Wade-Davis Bill that was passed by Congress?
3. Main goal was to keep African Americans in
the role of submissive laborers and keep them
from voting?
4. Ruled that “separate but equal” facilities did not
violate the 14th Amendment?
5. Poll taxes and literacy test were put in place to
prevent African Americans from what?
Set 5 - 200 Points Each
1. This Act divided the former Confederacy into 5
military districts, required states to ratify the
14th Amendment, and allow African Americans
to be able to vote for and serve as delegates to
state constitutional conventions?
2. Created after the Civil War to provide aid and
supplies to southerners left homeless after the
3. This gave the Presidency to Hayes (a
Republican) if the government would remove
the rest of the military troops and Hayes had to
put a southern Dem on his cabinet?
4. African Americans became the largest group of
what type of voters during this time?
5. Lincoln offered ___, or a full pardon to all
southerners who would end slavery and support
the Constitution.
Set 6 – 200 Points
1. First African American elected to the Senate;
from Mississippi?
2. Which year was the first Civil Rights in
3. Presidential candidate who won the popular
vote in 1876, but lost in the electoral vote with
some controversy?
4. First grand wizard of the KKK?
5. A radical republican that wanted the right to
vote granted to all men before the 15th