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Reconstruction (B)
Vocabulary (1 point each)
Fill in the blanks using the correct word from the word bank below.
1. The ______________________________ gave African Americans full citizenship.
2. Racism in the South led to the rise of a terrorist group called the ______________________.
Fourteenth Amendment
Main Ideas (1 point each)
Write the letter of the best answer in the blank.
______3. What did the Fifteenth Amendment guarantee?
a. all men and women the right to vote.
b. white women the right to vote.
c. African-American men the right to vote.
______4. What ended Reconstruction to in the South?
a. Compromise of 1877
b. carpetbaggers
c. Fourteenth Amendment
______5. What did the House of Representatives do when President Johnson violated the
Tenure of Office Act?
a. forced him out of office.
b. impeached him.
d. founded the Freedmen’s Bureau.
Essay (5 points each)
To answer one of the following questions, tell _________________ about it.
6. What was sharecropping? How did the system hurt farmers?
• cash crops
• debt
7. How did some Southerners try to keep African Americans from getting their rights ?
• black codes
• Ku Klux Klan