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Mitosis and Asexual Reproduction Vocabulary
Find 1 example and 1 characteristic for the following “Mitosis
and Asexual Reproduction” vocabulary:
Write in FULL, ORIGINAL sentences.
Eukaryotic: a domain of organisms having cells each with a distinct nucleus within
which the genetic material is contained along with other membrane-bound organelles.
Characteristic 1:
Prokaryotic: any organism having cells in each of which the genetic material is in a
single DNA chain, not enclosed in a nucleus. The cell does not contain membranebound organelles.
Characteristic 1:
Mitosis: the usual method of somatic cell division (body cells), resulting in two
identical new daughter cells from the original cell.
Characteristic 1:
Asexual reproduction: Reproduction occurring without the sexual union of male and
female gametes (sex cells)
Characteristic 1:
Cell Cycle: The cycle of growth and asexual reproduction of a cell, consisting of
a growth phase (interphase) followed by division phases (prophase, metaphase,
anaphase, and telophase).
Characteristic 1:
DNA Replication: A process by which enzymes “unzip” the DNA Helix and add
complimentary nucleotides to the exposed bases resulting in two identical DNA strands.
Characteristic 1: