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Chapter 3 Test Study Guide
7th Grade Science – Mr. Eigel – Rm. 212
The test is this Wednesday, December 7, 2011. It will consist of 11 multiple choice
questions, and seven short answer questions.
Study Materials:
Please study the materials that have been distributed in class. They may also be found on
this website in the classroom files section. The following is a list of handouts that will be
useful to you.
Reading Study Guides 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3
Chapter Quizzes 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3
Chapter 3 Vocabulary Worksheet
And your Mitosis Flip Book
Study Questions:
Here is a list of questions you should know the answers to before you take the test.
What characteristics are common to all cells? (Hint – Where do they come from?)
What process causes a cell to split and make two genetically identical daughter
What causes most multi-cellular organisms to grow and develop?
What are the six steps of the cell cycle?
What phase of the cell cycle prepares cells to divide?
What happens during mitosis (know each of the 4 steps in mitosis and something
that happens during each step?
After a cell divides, how does the number of chromosomes in each daughter cell
compare with the number of chromosomes that where in the original parent cell?
How many parent organisms are involved in asexual reproduction?
How many parent organisms are involved in sexual reproduction?
What type of asexual reproduction occurs when you break off a piece of a plant
(leaf or stem) and it grows into a new plant?
Does asexual reproduction occur in all organisms on Earth?
Which produces more offspring in a shorter amount of time asexual reproduction
or sexual reproduction?
Are offspring from asexual reproduction genetically identical to the parent?