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Advanced Biology II
History of Evolutionary Theory Practice Sheet
Matching – Theories
Match each theory with its description.
1. Evolution
2. Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics
3. Red Queen Hypothesis
4. Natural Selection
5. Catastrophism
6. Sexual Selection
7. Zahavi’s handicap
A. Species need to continue evolving or
other species will figure out ways to
eliminate them.
B. Organisms with traits that give them an
advantage survive and reproduce to
pass those traits on to their offspring
C. Individuals changed their traits as a
result of need, and those changes are
passed to their offspring.
D. Bright colors or decorations attract
mates because it is a sign that the
organism is incredibly healthy
E. Modification of species over time
F. Organisms with certain traits are more
successful at finding a mate and
reproducing, so those traits (such as
ornamentation) are passed on.
G. All species were created at Creation,
but some of them were wiped off the
Earth during catastrophic events.
Matching – People
Match each person with the theory, discovery, or idea they are responsible for.
1. Charles Darwin
2. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
A. Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics
B. Red Queen hypothesis
3. Charles Lyell
4. Georges Cuvier
5. Thomas Malthus
6. Leigh van Valen
C. Theory on economics and population pressure
D. Uniformitarianism
E. Theories of natural and sexual selection
F. Catastrophism