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Latin II – End of Course
Study Guide
Basic Grammar Rules:
Identification of nouns for all five declensions
How to find the verb stems for all four conjugation in all tenses – active &
passive voices
Identification of participles in the three tenses – active & passive voices
Identification of parts of speech – to include:
Objective/descriptive genitive
Partitive genitive
Comparisons with quam
Identification of prepositional phrases:
Ablative of manner
Ablative of separation
Ablative of specification/respect
Ablative of time when
Ablative of time within which
Accusative of extent of space
Accusative of duration of time
Identification of verbal infinitives in the three tenses – active &
passive voice
Identification of indirect statements
Identification of formation of adverbs; 1st & 2nd declension versus 3rd
Pronoun usage:
Relative clauses
Case endings for third declension adjectives
Case endings of nouns in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth declensions
Verbs of all four conjugations in all six tenses, active and passive voices
Adjectives of the first, second and third declensions
Adverbs from first, second and third declension adjectives
Pronouns: demonstratives, personal, relative, interrogatives, reflexive and
Comparison of adjectives and adverbs for the three declensions:
Sentence Translation:
Application of grammar and morphology rules
Verbs Phrase Translations:
English to Latin
Latin to English
Six tenses in both active and passive voices
Roman Culture:
Vocabulary Derivatives
Mottoes, phrases & abbreviations
Basic spoken classroom commands
Meals, Banqueting and Food
Religious Practices
Roman Numerals
- major oceans
- major rivers
- major islands
- major provinces
Amusements & Sports
- Coloseum
- Circus Maximus
- Theatrum
Major historical eras/periods of Roman history
Livy’s History of Rome (adapted)
-Roman monarchial era
Mythology (specific stories)
Jason & Medea