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Marketing Principles
2016-2017 Syllabus and Course Guidelines
Mr. Bailey
[email protected]
Supplies Needed:
 3-ring binder
 2 pocket folder
Course Description: (.5 credit elective)
Marketing is the process of developing, promoting and distributing products to satisfy
customers’ wants and needs. It also deals with financing, management, pricing and selling,
among other things. Marketing helps connect businesses to their customers.
This course has been developed to help you learn about marketing and to develop
marketing skills. You will see that marketing is one of the largest and most exciting career
areas in business today. Even if you do not choose a career in marketing, an understanding
of the subject matter will be very useful in your future. This is true no matter what job you
This course will cover the following concepts:
 General marketing concepts
 The 7 Functions of marketing
 The marketing mix (4 P’s)
 Target Markets
 SWOT/Competitive analysis
 Marketing research
 Following consumer habits and behavior
 Promotion/Advertising
 Branding
Students will be expected to complete the following items throughout the school year.
Notes and daily discussion
Class assignments
Announced and unannounced quizzes
Projects/presentations/group activities
Course Syllabus (continued)
Introduction to Marketing
Grading Policy:
All evaluation items will have a point value assigned. Total earned points will be divided by
total possible points in order to calculate the final grade. Excessive absences will be
reflected in your overall participation and activity grades.
Make-up work – Assignments and quizzes may only be made up if absences are excused.
Late work will not receive full credit.
What I expect of you:
To have a positive attitude
To show respect to me and your classmates
To use appropriate language and actions at ALL times
To conduct yourself in a business-like and professional manner
To follow all school rules
To be quiet at the beginning of class and get right to work on assignment posted
To be considerate and display courteous behavior during class
To show care for the room and keep it clean
To not ask to be excused from class … unless you have an emergency!
To remain seated until I (not the bell) dismiss you
To be on time and not cut class
To work on all assigned class activities/projects
To see me if you are absent, as it is YOUR responsibility to make up any work
Technology use:
Non-educational games, facebook, etc. may not be accessed using school
Computers may be audible with headphones only
Cell phones usage is only allowed if instructed by teacher.
Failure to follow these rules will result in one or several of the following:
teacher assigned detention
formal write-up
administrative detention
loss of computer privileges
removal from the classroom